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Security Information & Event Management


A Business’ IT network nowadays, is a goldmine for information & actionable data. At Infopercept we have a strong state of the art SIEM implementation plan as well as valuable market insights due to years of experience in the Cybersecurity domain. Real time log monitoring is one of the best ways to ensure business data security & integrity.

A well suited SIEM implementation ensures the ability to systematically Store, create & retrieve the logs for active Monitoring, Analysis & Compliance requirements.

An SIEM brings a wide array of security functionalities that are critical for an organization’s IP security. It helps an organization:

  • To better enable a coordination between the different Operations team like the NOC, SOC, Systems Engineers, by providing meaningful and actionable information
  • Spot malicious activities delivered by exploits through Zero- Day- Attack.
  • To carry out and help with:-
    • Cyber Forensic Investigations for your Business.
    • Real Time Alerting, Reporting, Dashboards,
    • Object Access Auditing,
    • Security & Device Monitoring,
    • Log Retention,
    • File Integrity Monitoring,
    • Security & Device log monitoring.

A SIEM solution enables you to be more productive & efficient in terms of focusing on your business needs & be confident & carefree about your business security infrastructure. Allowing faster turnaround & better ROI.

Most Businesses nowadays need a Information Security Partner, who has thorough understanding of the Compliances & have team of certified experts to implement, monitor & manage the various compliance tools. In addition to this a centralized LOG management is critical to ease the log collection process from the different silos, analyse them and identify a Security incident.

A well implemented SIEM works around the concept of the Adaptive Security Architecture. With a Proactive role of – Prediction, Prevention, Response & Detection; toward cyberthreats on your Business.

Identity Access Management


Identity Access Management is a combination of business policies & technologies that facilitates the management of electronic digital identities. With an IAM framework in place, IT managers can control and moderate a particular user’s access to critical information within an organization.

Identity and Access Management let system administrators utilize role based access control. Which lets the administrators assign a particular role to an individual which defines his information access scope and capabilities within an enterprise’s information system or networks.

Infopercept specializes in combining all of the necessary control & tools to capture & record user login information, manage the enterprise database of user identities & orchestrate the assignment & removal of access privileges. Ensuring that the implemented IDAM solution provides a centralized directory service with monitoring as well as visibility over every aspect of an organization’s user base.

Disaster Recovery Automation


In today’s day and age a company’s online presence operational consistency is the centermost important component contributing to its marketing, branding, Revenue Generation, information, lead generation, sales & overall business. There is little doubt then, that most companies who want to succeed in this competitive market have to invest wisely and proactively into the stability & continuation of its business’ critical-function apps.

Given the importance and benefit of digital business operations for the success of a Business you would ideally want it to continue unabated so that you can perform your daily business operations conveniently. Due to this the demand for DR automation is growing as businesses are looking for ways to reduce their operational downtime. A Disaster recovery plan helps you achieve this very important task, by allowing you to continue or quickly resume & kickstart important business operations & functions in the event of a disaster happening.

This disaster can range from anything like natural, digital, cyberattacks, etc. which puts the continuation of your organization’s business operations at risk. This can have serious consequences for your business in terms of business performance and revenue generation.

At Infopercept, we offer you a practical approach & experience in assessing and providing a tailor made disaster recovery plan well-suited to your particular business and budget so as to minimize the downtime as well as quick and hassle-free resumption of business tasks. Two most important components of a good data recovery plan is to estimate the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) & RTO (Recovery Time Objective).

A disaster recovery automation plan is a broad concept comprising of software, hardware, connectivity, testing, network components as well as budget constraint of an organization so as to ensure the DR meets the RPO & RTO window. While this is certainly not easy to achieve, but if implemented correctly will provide you with significant benefit regarding your ROI & business revenue.

We can design & automate a fool- proof DR automation plan in conjunction with your technical team, so that you can better concentrate on the business that you do, without worrying about the disruption and downtime of your business operations & achieve full be9nefit of a well-executed DR plan.

We provide secure & stable DR automation for your organization through cloud based, SaaS which will be budget friendly, reliable & aptly suited to your organizational needs. In this we will backup your information and business operations periodically to a DR site and install a DR “Agent” which will run a script to the replication site and restore your Primary Business Application’s function which will fetch the relevant information needed for the DR site when detecting a operational downtime or failure in your primary app.

We at Infopercept have practical market experience of the nature of different disruptive disasters and vulnerabilities that can affect your key business functions and how to circumvent them. Identifying that these risks exists is the first step towards a better business continuity strategy. Getting the right & experienced personnel to implement it, inches you toward a better disaster contingency and business operational security.

We would love to hear back from you and provide quality consulting regarding the best DR plan that you need right now as well as thorough and transparent testing and assessment of your current one. Let us accompany/ join you to the road for better Business success & Continuity through market-leading Data security & Disaster Recovery Automation.

Security Orchestration Automation & Response


Security Automation & Orchestration solutions bring out the best in Cybersecurity by efficiently combining automation, orchestration & threat data collection from multiple sources & automatically respond to low level security events without human assistance. The goal of using SAOR stack is to improve the efficiency of physical & digital security operations & to have single and comprehensive incident response platform.

We at Infopercept implement SOAR in such a way so that it brings along these values to you :

  • Threat & Vulnerability Management
  • Security Incident Response
  • Incident Report Automation
  • Security operations automation

For most large-scale environments having a dedicated 24/7 Digital Security workforce is a must-have to minimize human errors, handle low tier repetitive tasks & continuous unabated Security Monitoring. A well- implemented SOAR effectively improves SOC efficiency, provides unprecedented visibility & reduces time-to-respond.