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Application Security Reviews

Application Security is one of the most important part of a application Life Cycle. As a weak security can undo the potential impact of the quality development being done as well as all the hard work done in making the application a reality.

Even then the importance of application testing is overlooked by many a times. In order to meet the delivery deadline of projects in a dynamic and AGILE environment, even a single vulnerability in the software code can be exploited and lead to hacking of the application post development. Leading to loss of critical customer and Business information and loss of reputation and potential revenue.

Simple and nominal app-testing just for the sake of it or to meet a demand is not wise in a world where the cyberattack are evolving and ever looming. Application Security therefore needs a well-defined and adept approach throughout the SDLC. So as to ensure there is no security gaps and the application is stable to be rolled out in the market.

At Infopercept we believe in the adage of prevention is better than the cure”. As such we have the necessary skills and required security experience to back up our clients at every stage of App development. With the aim to evaluate and strengthen the security framework of the Application in accordance of the leading Cybersecurity Regulatory standards.