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Application Security infopercept

Application Security

Human example

Application Security has come over a long way from its origins to where it is now. The evolution of Application security and its history can be dated back to at least 1980s. More arrow_forward

Application Testing infopercept

Various Types of Testing & their Uses


Application testing is a very broad field has many kinds of different types & procedures and kinds that can be used for the testing of a particular type of application. More arrow_forward

AWS Security infopercept

AWS Security Best Practices to reduce Risks


AWS Security Best Practices to reduce Risks... More arrow_forward

CyberSecurity BFSI infopercept

Best Cybersecurity practises in BFSI


BFSI has emerged as the most important industry vertical to be using big data and Important financial information as core banking market now encompasses... More arrow_forward

Security Challenges in Blockchain infopercept

Security Challenges in Blockchain


Blockchain has taken the cashless transaction mechanics by a storm and has a big potential to revolutionize the IT and financial sector in a powerful way. More arrow_forward

Evolution of Application Security infopercept

Evolution of Application Security


Application Security has come over a long way from its origins to where it is now. The evolution of Application security and its history can be dated back to at least 1980s. More arrow_forward

Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare infopercept

Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare


In recent years, the one industry that is quite on the bloom leveraging the technological advances coming through its industry is the healthcare sector. More arrow_forward

Identity Management infopercept

Identity Management


Identity management defines the authenticity, accessibility and identifying individual user or group of users by associating rights and restrictions with the specific identity. More arrow_forward

3 Common Cybersecurity Loopholes infopercept

3 common Cyber Security Loopholes


Most of the IT companies nowadays opt and work in an AGILE Environment, where the development process changes according to dynamic changes felt in the needs and... More arrow_forward

Predicitive Analysis infopercept

What is Predictive Analysis


Predictive analysis is done by gathering and reviewing the available historical information, machine learning, & computing to predict what is the likelihood... More arrow_forward

Red Team infopercept

What is RED TEAM


For many organizations finding vulnerabilities in their security architecture can be a little difficult by itself and relying on internal audits... More arrow_forward

Cyberthreats in Travel Industry

Cyberthreats in Travel Industry


Travel & Tourism is one of those industries which has positioned itself on the digital domain on account of the widespread digitalization going around the world. More arrow_forward

What Constitutes a Secure Cloud System

What constitutes a Secure Cloud System


Cloud security is the top priority for IT professionals in 2019, according to a survey from NetEnrich. More arrow_forward

Whatsapp account hacked with Video Call infopercept

Did you know your Whatsapp account can be hacked with a single video call


Coming just months after the world found out that hackers can gain access to a user’s phone through a simple phone call. More arrow_forward

Heist infopercept

Heist an Introduction


Today we will go through the walkthrough of the machine Heist which retired very recently. More arrow_forward

configuration of AWS S3 infopercept

Importance of proper configuration of AWS S3


About the methodology or the procedure to test for misconfigurations in the target client’s AWS S3 buckets More arrow_forward

Networked Box infopercept

Introduction to Networked Box


We will go through the walkthrough of machine Networked which retired very recently. More arrow_forward

Jarvis automation infopercept

A guide to Jarvis automation


Jarvis will be offered to automakers as a pay-as-you-go, cloud-based service. Once an automaker signs up, Jarvis can scan any piece of software that may go into a new car to detect possible vulnerabilities. More arrow_forward

Haystack infopercept

Working with Haystack


Stack is an acronym for three open source projects: Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana. Together, they form a log management platform. More arrow_forward

Writeup Box infopercept

Learn to work with Writeup Box


It was a bit tricky box given that it was categorized into the easy level. Getting the user flag was pretty straightforward but... More arrow_forward

Understanding Swagshop infopercept

Understanding Swagshop


It was actually a fairly easy box and was based on the Linux machine. Getting the root flag was much easier compared to the user flag. More arrow_forward

Working with Machine Netmon infopercept

Working with Machine Netmon


It was actually a fairly easy box and was based on windows machine. Getting the user flag was damn easy and the root flag wasn’t that difficult as well More arrow_forward

How Machine Curling works infopercept

How Machine Curling works


It was actually a fun box and the level of the box was stated as easy. Getting the user flag was tougher than getting the root flag More arrow_forward

Bypassing the LibSSH Authentication infopercept

Bypassing the LibSSH Authentication


LibSSH is a C library that enables you to write a program that uses the SSH protocol. With it, you can remotely execute programs More arrow_forward

Apache Struts2 Code Execution Exploit infopercept

Apache Struts2 Code Execution Exploit


Apache Struts is a very popular open source web application framework that is used to develop Java-based web applications More arrow_forward

Breaching the windows server infopercept

Breaching the windows server


EternalBlue is nothing but an exploit that was actually developed and used by the National Security Agency (NSA) More arrow_forward

Finding Vulnerability in Dell Webpagex infopercept

Finding Vulnerability in Dell Webpagex


According to the internet, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) attacks are a type of injection More arrow_forward

information security infopercept

Things you must know before diving into information security


Ever thought of starting your career in the security field?? More arrow_forward

Malware behind the largest DDOS attack

Malware behind the largest DDOS attack (Mirai Botnet)


Mirai Botnet came into light in October 2016 when it was responsible for a DDOS attack that took down many large website More arrow_forward

XSS Vulnerabilities on Monstra CMS 3.0.4 infopercept

XSS Vulnerabilities on Monstra CMS 3.0.4


This article is about the XSS vulnerabilities that I had found out on Monstra CMS 3.0.4. More arrow_forward

Understanding the attack infopercept

Understanding the attack


In this article we will be understanding the arp spoof attack which is basically a type of man in the middle attack.. More arrow_forward

Executing-The-Attack infopercept

Executing the Attack


In this article we will see how to carry out an arp spoof attack which will lead to sniffing packets along with stealing More arrow_forward

guide to security lingo infopercept

A Guide to Security lingo


In our modern world where mostly everything is networked in some way or the other, security has become a major worldwide More arrow_forward

Cyberthreats-In-Travel-Industry infopercept

Cyber Attacks in Travel Industry


Do you know travel and transportation industry is the 2nd most targeted industry for cyber-attacks in the year 2018 More arrow_forward

AI IoT infopercept

Cybersecurity 2020 AI IoT Indsider


Cybersecurity now requires a more holistic approach with you having to ascertain and manage the Software, Hardware & Human element. More arrow_forward