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Blue Team

Blue Team is a cybersecurity team that is the antagonist to the Red Team approach. Blue team consists and is made up of cybersecurity experts and stakeholders in an organization. The main aim of the Blue team and reason for its implementation is to thwart any attempt of security penetration and hacking that might be done by the Red Team.

Usually to conduct a successful overall security evaluation of an organization it is imperative to have both RED team and BLUE team to work in tandem simultaneously to properly emulate real life threat incident occurrence and the appropriate response mechanism that is to be in place for such

Our Security vision is to upscale and train the existing cybersecurity experts working in the organization by shadowing them and making sure that they are knowledgeable & aware of the latest and emerging trends, strategies and techniques in cybersecurity.

The Blue team and Red team can both be segregated and made to work independently to achieve their respective goals. We have experienced and committed cybersecurity experts that have worked in both RED team and Blue teams for our clients across the globe to provide them with the optimum result that they need.