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Network Security Architecture review Infopercept

Network Security Architecture Review

Network Security Architecture refers to the complete and overall evaluation of the various component of the Security network and their performance output and efficiency. It is the single most important aspect for an organization’s security plan as it involves all of the major component of the security framework in the organization.

Network Security architecture review takes into account three of the most important aspect of an organization’s security like:

  • Implementation – How the various security components are implemented within the organization
  • Integration – How the security solutions and components are integrated within and interact with each other
  • Design – The overall cybersecurity architecture design and if it suits the organization needs & scope
  • Configuration- Are the solutions employed, properly configured to provide maximum output and efficiency against potential cyberattacks.

With the penultimate goal of enabling a network security architecture to be more proactive, robust & efficient in safeguarding the interest of the organization and help it ward off the new and emerging cyberthreats.