Back To Office Cyber Security Sanitization

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The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Has created significant workplace challenges across the globe. Many employers had to restructure their workforces considering the pandemic. Mandatory work from home has caused a tremendous surge of Cybersecurity threats and flooded the web with malware and other risks, making the digital assets highly vulnerable. In some parts of the world, employees are returning to workspaces and offices. As the world prepares to establish normalcy, these 'back-to-office' workers are also a cause of increasing cyber security concerns.

Attackers have been taking advantage of the fact that many people working from home have not applied the same security on their networks, that would be in place in a corporate environment. Some enterprises have not deployed the right technologies or corporate security policies to ensure that all corporate owned or corporate managed devices have the exact same security protections, regardless of whether they're connected to an enterprise network or an open home Wi-Fi network.

Infopercept has introduced a unique "Back To Office Cyber Security Sanitization" approach

That's like the Hammer and the Dance Approach, to curtail the Work-From-Home Security Threats. A new approach will be required to tackle the Back-to-Work Security Threats.

STEP 1 : Installing the Morphisec Agent on all End Points and Servers, which is a next generation solution that has a disruptive approach and uses a moving target defense to protect advanced threats.

STEP 2 : Isolate all the devices that come back from "Work from Home" and will be connecting to the network, and screen these isolated devices for any malicious threats.

STEP 3 : Strategize the Decoy's implementation across business networks to be able to early detect - Lateral movements, detect potential breaches and advance attacks in the environment.

STEP 4 : Perform 24*7 Security Monitoring to Actively look for new threats that may arise in the IT Landscape.

Infopercept is committed to support 24*7 Top 7 Cyber security Hygiene Tips to improve the cyber security hygiene during this time