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Red team Infopercept

Red Team

For many organizations finding vulnerabilities in their security architecture can be a little difficult by itself and relying on internal audits to find the various loopholes and vulnerabilities in their currently installed security framework. It is a real concern for top management to gauge if all of their investments into the various security solutions and technologies are actually yielding the expected result in terms of the required protection needs. Therefore to get an accurate, authentic, impartial and transparent security assessment we need an expert third Party cybersecurity organization.

Red Team is one of those exercise in which cybersecurity experts attempt to penetrate and assess the security framework of the company both over the network as well as on the physical location of the organization involving various penetrative and espionage techniques with prior authorization from the company’s top management. Providing a more realistic picture of security readiness by employing various threat actors, equipment & techniques which are unknown to the defenders.

Red Team exercise is a third-party full proof transparent security audit that determines the security level of your infrastructure as well as employee’s awareness regarding the various cyberthreats and latest cybercrimes techniques that are being used by the hackers and attackers to undermine the security framework.