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Threat Assessment Service

Threat Assessment

The primary role of a threat assessment is to anticipate focused disruptions. The threat assessment process is focused upon examination of the certainties and proof of conduct in a given circumstance. The evaluation of hazard in a risk appraisal process, centers around activities, interchanges, and explicit conditions that may propose that an individual means to mount an attack and is occupied with arranging or getting ready for that occasion.

Approve your system's present security exactness, application use and execution by enrolling master direction. Infopercept's security experts will utilize a New Generation Firewall to screen key pointers inside your system.

Our team of security researchers will perform a Cyber Security Threat Assessment for your association that can quickly identify potential exploits and vulnerabilities. The results are reported back to you in easy to read detail so you can mitigate issues before they are used against you and your members.

The Threat Assessment Process

Cyber Security Threat assessments are performed remotely, are non-invasive, and require little-to-no interaction with your association staff until the assessment is completed.

Our security researchers scan your digital eco-system for:

  • Exposed services
  • Potential exploits & vulnerabilities
  • Public records & online footprint exposure
  • Security certificates errors
  • Server configuration issues

Results are tabulated in a detailed report, with easy to read scoring for each potential threat.

This report enables your team to address identified vulnerabilities and mitigate them efficiently. Your Cyber Security Threat Assessment also includes a 60 minute consultation with our security experts to outline any large risks to your members.